This August! Bronx Art Space

  • Posted on 29th July 2014,
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This August! Bronx Art Space

“BronxArtSpace is proud to present ACCESS TO ART!!!!  Opening Sat. Aug. 2 5:309:00

We strongly believe that fine art should be accessible to everyone.


“Access to Art” a fundraiser featuring fine art with range of affordable prices and art styles We strongly believe that fine art should be accessible to everyone and as such are working with artists to bring high quality art at accessible prices in this once a year summertime fundraiser for the gallery.

Participating artists: John Ahearn, Lizzy Alejandro, Sandra Ayala, Mark Bischel, Mathew Burcaw Chen Carrasco, Carey Clark, Esperanza Cortes, Dennis Redmoon Darkeem, Marcy Edelstein,  Maria Estevez, Ellen Fagan, Glenn Fischer, Ryan Garvey, Katherine Emely Gomez, Aniko Horvath, Danny Hauben,  Mike Kamber, Barbara Korman, Leah Kozak, Juanita Lanzo, Louise Lawler,    Erini Linardaki, Susan Matthews, Ira Merritt,  Kay Niederlitz, Tim Rollins, Louis Riso, Moses Roos, Anette Rusin, Rhynna Santos, , Gayle Rappoport Weiland, Sarah White, Cinnamon Willis,  Tammy Wofsey,  John Wujcik, 


On display will be photography by Pulitzer Prize winner and NYTIMES celebrated photographer Michael Kamber images from his experience in Iraq and many other African countries and his early years in the Bronx wowed the crowds from New York to Paris!

Bronx collage Artist, Glenn Fischer  recently featured in Kolaj magazine and the Architectural Digest Home and Design Show in New York City will share his collage crafted from old record-album covers and colorful children’s books from the 1960’ and 1970’s. There’s even handcrafted jewelry, off-loom bead weaving and embroidery from Susan Matthews, a dazzling array of one-of-a-kind necklaces, bracelets earrings and pins. We will offer sculptures and prints from well-known artists such as John Ahearn and Tim Rollins and a delightful range of Bronx Artists including assemblages from Dennis Redmoon Darkeem, watercolor/ drawings from Juanita Lanzo and Mathew Brurcaw, sewn sculptures  Cinnamon Willis, and Brooklyn and Manhattan artists as well.”