Statement: My digital photography portraits focuses on my personal life experiences inspired from a fictional imagined vantage point. For instance, seeking to find ways to make the invisible visible, transcending time by playing with memories and images from my past and present in order to come to a conclusion about how my future will look. Lucid Dreaming and Perpetual Binary is a series of artworks focusing on my experience of the loss of her identical twin sister, Emely Gómez.

As an identical twin, I am able to use my own image to represent both my sister and myself. With this special gift of forever having the image of my sister within my face, I am able to recreate new memories both with and without her and capture it on film. My artworks relate to intuitive thought, emptiness and cognitive awareness: the feeling that time has stopped, or of an alternate dream-like universe. Other aspects of my work have a ghostly blur, symbolic of my former spirit and future spiritual essence.

Biography: Katherine Emely Gómez’s is a New York based artist raised in the Bronx with a Master of Fine Arts Degree from the City University of New York at Lehman College. As an identical twinless twin, her image has come to represent three entities: her sister, her twin hood, and herself. My portraits themselves embody self-transformations, reinvention, exploration and reflection. She looks at the dimensionality of self-portraiture, in particular the artworks of Francesca Woodman, Cindy Sherman and Frida Kahlo, who help introduce the use of costumes, environment and objects.

Gomez’s artworks was recently exhibited at the Maritime Garage Gallery in South Norwalk, CT, Riverfront Art Gallery in Yonkers, Center for Fine Arts Photography in Fort Collins, Colorado and a solo show with Chashama 461 Gallery & Studio in Harlem, As well as, Bronx Art Space and The Gateway Project in Newark, New Jersey, Penn Station. Her story and artworks were broadcasted at NY1 Noticias, News12 and written in El Diario Newspaper and Harlem News Group.