In 2012, my identity shattered when my identical twin sister unexpectedly passed away. My journey for a newfound identity without her has taken me to places where I reunite with my sister and my former self. Through digital imagery I recreate and immortalize memories with my sister and come to terms with two realities, one where my sister and I exist together, the other is a less defined more complex perception of reality.

All of my sceneries are a combination of specifically arranged imagery in various environments. The ominous walls and furniture appear to crumble to mimic my former self as a twin which suddenly was interrupted. The distinct walls and use of objects are utilized to portray an unsettling environment. Aspects of my Lucid Dreaming series explores ghostly blur/shadows, my interest in space and people’s relationship to space, feelings of blankness and being frozen in time. As an identical twinless twin, my image has come to represent three entities: my sister, my twin hood, and myself.

Showcased Exhibitions:

Bronx Art Space, NY + Riverfront Art Gallery, Yonkers, NY + ArtSpace Gallery, Hartford, CT + Project for Empty Space, Newark, NJ +  Hall of Fame Art Gallery, New York, NY


“Carolina Pinto, Arts & Culture,”LLena de inspiración fraternal” NY El Diario La Prensa”