“Best of the Bronx: Artist Katherine Gomez” News12

  • Posted on 16th December 2013,
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“Best of the Bronx: Artist Katherine Gomez” News12

“THE BRONX – A local artist is using her work to help herself cope with a personal loss.

Katherine Gomez says art helped her grieving process after her twin sister Emely died last year of epilepsy. Gomez turned her sister’s bedroom into an art studio, where she says she feels her sister’s presence.

“It’s Emely giving me the strength to continue to express and to teach others what it is to grieve, what it is to lose someone and what to do,” says Gomez.”


Below is a copy of the interview with Channel 12. The official version will be posted soon. The interview may also be viewed online at:


Katherine Gomez turned to art to help herself heal after her twin sister died. (Originally published: December 15, 2013)