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  • Posted on 22nd January 2014,
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Newspaper & Online Article by “El Diario”

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“Full of fraternal inspiration”

The art of Katherine Emely Gomez based on her deceased sister.

Carolina Pinto / EDLP

New York – Katherine Gomez has it all, is young, smart and beautiful. But what will always be missing in her life is the presence of her twin sister Emely Gómez, who died in November 2012 because of a seizure in his sleep, she was only 23 years old.

Despite the pain it caused Katherine and her mother of such a tragic loss, the young Dominican artist has found a way to express the void left by the early departure, and has also used photography to exalt the footprint of what her beloved sister left in the world.

“All of my work is inspired by my sister, I am finishing my masters in digital arts and if I could choose a topic to pursue my career, it would be her. It has worked very well, many people see what I do and feel really touched, they get goosebumps … “says Gomez.

The tribute that the photographer has been making about her sister began almost from the moment the tragedy occurred, and according to Katherine with her mother, they have made sure not to miss this custom, in fact, every month they organize something different to remember.

“As we are twins, we have always been class celebrities from girls. Though she is not here I love speaking of her . My mom and I honor Emely with art works each month, and invite people from the neighborhood .”

The memory of her twin, who always remained active in the community, Gomez has also encouraged to help others, and a couple of weeks ago only, the dominican artist curated her first exhibition in The Living Gallery in Brooklyn, to which she also invited several artists.

“It serves me to continue and for the other artists, for many this is the first time they present their work in New York … I like to help everyone, and would have loved to have many more,” she says .

The photographer completed her master’s this spring, has a full-time job with the company of Godiva chocolates, also has plans to have her own gallery where to organize art exhibitions.

“I sent a proposal to the city of New York to have my own space, I think it would be something amazing … I wish it was in the Bronx, I see that Brooklyn and Manhattan have many places already,” she concludes .

[Photo1] One of the works to be exhibited in the exhibition curated by the artists.

In honor of the life ….

• Katherine and her sister were born in Brooklyn, but moved to the Bronx when they does years. She is 24 years.
• After the death of his sister Katherine changed her legal name, now added Emely as a middle name. Over 1500 people attended the funeral of her sister.
• Both twins attended Lehman College, Emely studied Speech- Language Pathology and did her Masters in Special Education. Katherine meanwhile was dedicated to digital arts .
• Works full time for Godiva Chocolatier. In charge of designing the schema for catalogs.
• Her art can be seen in the website

[Photo2]  She continues to celebrate the legacy of her twin sister. | Original