Biography & Project Statement

My name is Alexis Martinez born Melissa Alexis Martinez, I was born in the Bronx, New York. As a child, about 10 or 12 years old was when I realized that I was gifted in more than one artistic area. With my mother being a talented painter, my two aunts being gifted writers and photographers, my uncle a skilled sketch artist, and my grandmother the quiet poet of the family; it was obvious that I would be bitten by the art bug.

At this young age, I began to see that I was gifted in more than one artistic area.I was an exceptional dancer, an amazing voice impersonator, a very skilled writer and sketch artist; However, it wasn’t until I was around 20 or 21 when I began taking an intrest in photography.

While being blessed to have been gifted in many ways, I found photography to be more tangible to me. There is a connection I have with photography that makes my experience so much more lively, theres a high I get after taking a photo.

For example, I’m drawn to landscape photography and lots of times I enjoy capturing an amazing sunset or sunrise. While watching everything happen in real-time and capturing the scenery on camera all at once, the feeling is overwhelming; to see something so beautiful unfold in front of my eyes as it happens. However, the “high” I experience comes after I leave and flip through my photos. I get to see something I captured ten or fifteen minutes ago, Now, and any other time I want. I can print, mutiply and share a something I witnessed first hand with everyone. That’s the satisfaction I get with photography.

“A Place Beyond” is the title of my photography series. Upon visiting California, one would assume I would have liked to see the view from atop the pier, however, I’ve always felt there is more of an interesting world underneath a pier. When I took these photos, I wanted to capture an unseen beauty that perhaps others may interpret as, uninteresting; while at the same time sharing a moment of escape.

I have always felt that art is a universal language expressed in many dialects, which everyone translates differently. The purpose of art is to introduce another dimension, the world in which the artist derives from and resides in. As artist we provide an escape for viewers, even for other artists.

As a new artist still discovering my technique and craft, the only purpose I want my art to serve is an escape for others; allow my work to serve a purpose in your life no matter how brief it may be.

I create what I want because it is what I feel, it is what satisfies me on an artistic and emotional level. I guess I want my work to move, change, and inspire people.