Biography & Project Statement

Amanda Menezes is an artist living and working in New York City. She studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology where she earned a Bachelors in Fine Arts for Illustration. Her work includes emotional and figural paintings which explore the relationships between animals and the environment, artistic interpretations and graphic aspects; all inspired by popular media and culture. Energized by the fast and industrial elements of the city, the various shapes, colors and sizes of the buildings reflect the abstract geometric shapes that envelop her painted backgrounds. Growing up in Queens Amanda developed a love for drawing and painting animals. Dogs and cats are used as the subjects for her paintings in an attempt to portray their instinctual perspective. Currently, Amanda is pursuing a Master in Fine Arts degree for Studio Painting, where she continues to experiment with different surfaces, scale and media in her paintings.

I am interested in the physical and mental characteristics that make animals unique to us, each one having their own perception of reality. Using research along with personal experience, I created a series of abstracted animal paintings that visually explore the thoughts and emotions of animals in our environment. The environments in my paintings are presented in an unnatural way. I expose this abnormality through abstract forms that take control of the space where the animals exist. This space consists of shapes, colors and textures that surround the animal, who are partially abstracted to symbolize an unconscious adaptation to ones environment. With geometry, iconic symbols and nature help galvanize the bold, flat color displayed in my paintings.