NYC Pop Up Art Exhibition. An eye opening & enriching experience including artworks of painting, printmaking, ceramic, photography, installation, 3D and more. Curated by Katherine Emely Gomez

Opening Reception:

Katherine Emely Gomez presents “NYC Pop Up Exhibition” at The Living Gallery

Press: Brooklyn News12

Interview with reporter Amanda Plasencia, Brooklyn News12,
“Pop Up Exhibition Tribute by Local Artist” at The Living Gallery

Behind the Scenes: Installation Day

Curatorial: LAKE10

For one week, amidst the idyllic environs of Lake George, artists were able to contemplate, experiment, discuss, and create work without the many distractions of general daily life. The ten artists who attended the 2014 Openings Artist Residency, all from various and different backgrounds, found the time and the community that formed there to be so inspiring that they’ve decided to organize Lake 10, a group exhibition showing work that was either created during or inspired by the residency. Curated by Katherine Emely Gomez and Eric Jiaju Lee.

Opening Reception: