Biography & Project Statement

Diane Hawkins has worked with photography and digital media. She has taken courses at NYIT, the Long Island Art League and Lehman College. She is currently recreating the Crystal Palace of 1851 in Cinema 4D (a 3D modeling program) and creating large-scale prints of renders.


These images will eventually be part of a series of stills telling the story of the 1851 Crystal Palace, a building that does not exist anymore. It has been reconstructed in a computer program called Cinema 4D. The actual building was moved and enlarged in 1854, eventually being totally destroyed by a fire in 1936. What drew me to the Crystal Palace was this description: “Contemporaries of the Crystal Palace stress two qualities above all else. An apparently paradoxical pair: on the one hand its practical arithmetic and down-to-earth common-sense; on the other, its dissolving spatial identity and insubstantiality. In more senses than one, here is a story part  no-nonsense industrial accomplishment and party fairy tale.”