Biography & Project Statement

I have worked extensively as an Artist, Educator,Theatre Designer and Project Coordinator for over twenty years.The Arts are my passion, and the root to everything I do and believe in. I originally trained as a stage and costume designer for the theatre and went on to work with a host of directors and theatre companies in the UK and abroad.

In my Art practice I am interested in the interplay between photography, film, drawing and painting, and how they impact upon and influence each other. My recent practice involves the use of multiple spaces, light, the photograph, painting, drawing and text exploring how they work together to evoke a sense of memory and time.

I was chosen from thousands of artists nationwide in the UK to be on the TV show “Show Me The Monet”, a ‘Dragons Den’ for Artists, which aired on BBC2.Aspiring artists attempt to win a chance to sell their work in a prestigious exhibition at the Royal College of Art. I got through to the finals and won by selling my work in a silent auction.The winning piece is entitled Between ‘me’ and ‘you’ (1) – History Series.


The use of multiple spaces, random objects, light and the photograph work together to evoke a sense of place, memory and time, presence and absence As a former stage designer, I use the studio to construct stage like set ups from which I work.

We are aware the paintings are about a particular place; the grittiness of the studio, the detritus; the objects help to locate us within this jumbled ambiguous space. Whilst maintaining this sense of grittiness I work to distill and transform it into a certain kind of beauty, a magical other world, an imagined space. I am immersing the viewer into my personal world but am not portraying a realistic account of my actual studio. All are inventions of an imaginary pictorial space in which the objects are no sooner evoked than they dissolve into the spectral transparency of a dream. It is the sensation of being both inside and outside a place, where things can unfold into one another like a double vision. We have a sense of being in two places at the same time, a space within a space.

The images are orchestrated to disorientate, expanding and collapsing a sense of time and place; a crystal of complex intertwining images reflecting and refracting each other, producing new perspectives and abstract forms, always in transformation.

I am interested in the tension between the real and unreal, clarity and chaos, the shifts from an intimate interior space to a more expansive exterior scape. The subject of the painting is mirrored by the process of making it – burying, excavating, building up and tearing away.