Biography & Project Statement

Born in 1984, Tirana, Albania.

My love for art has started since six years old. I remember spending my winter evenings drawing for hours at the student center in Tirana.

In middle school, my art teacher followed my work very closely, encouraged me and was very supportive of my work. As a result of this attention my art works flourished and became better culminating in multiple displaying at school exhibitions.

After achieving the maximum points in the nationwide Artistic High School acceptance competition I started my professional studies for painting and drawing at the most prestigious school in Albania. The program was very intense, and an eye opener for me.  One of the disciplines was how to draw and paint in the most realistic way, objects, nature, portraits and the entire human image.  I was very persistent and was able to complete every assignment successfully

I started taking private lessons to prepare for my acceptance competition at “The Academy of Fine Arts” in Tirana. The competition was fierce. Out of over 600 candidates only 30 were accepted. My acceptance in the academy marked a very important stage in my studies as it gave me the opportunity to study under the best professionals in the fields of multimedia, photography, video, painting, performance etc.  A special emphasis was put on creativity, clarity of concept, analytic and interpretational skills.  During the second year of my studies my hard work was rewarded by being selected to be part of an exhibition that introduced the artistic level of our academy in Kassel, Germany. This gave me the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas and experiences with other students and cultures. My diploma presentation was a work called “Dreams”.  This work was selected to be on the bill of the 2007 exhibition that was opened to represent the best of that year’s senior student works.

Before graduating as an honor student, I started giving lessons as an art teacher at Tirana International School. I taught curriculum art classes to multi-age students from kindergarten to twelve grade students. I found that experience a great way to share my passion and knowledge.

Family obligations made me get involved in the family business which pertained managing a boutique store. This continued for a few months until the opportunity to immigrate to United States presented itself in 2007. . I took it with the idea of opening a new chapter in my life where art will be a big part of it. In 2011 I started Masters of Fine Arts at Lehman College where I continue my education with big inspiration for Art. The life has not been easy in the Big Apple. Trying to make a living and keeping alive a dream has proven to be a challenge.

A corridor where people walk. A chair where people sit. A house where people live. A mind that runs tirelessly on a still empty apartment. Expecting you to come.