Is it difficult to return to these potentially painful memories?

Yes and no, memories are with me always and do not disappear. These memories are a part of me whether it’s before and after her death. I am more connected and happier when I started working on these projects. It makes me sad when I finish a project since it makes me feel closer to her. During my trip to Colorado I felt like she was with me every step of the way. My memories become brighter when I focus on the project.

How has the death of your sister influenced growth in your own life?

I’ve become more spiritual. I’ve become more aware how a life of one person can impact the rest. After she passed I saw the great impact she had on many people.

What has been your favorite piece so far? Why?

My favorite piece is “Separation”. This piece really captures the rawness of when I first saw my sister laying in bed after she passed. Impacted by the color blue that replaced the light that was once there. There is a complete difference in seeing a body without your spirit inside. The body no longer has this yellow glow but instead there lies a blue cold body.

Has creating something from loss been useful to you in recovering from this traumatic event?

Most certainly. This experience and journey while creating these artworks have been very therapeutic for me. To be able to express everything through my art so rawly is healing for me.

Where would you like your artwork to take you?

As far as possible. I would like to leave my name and my story to bring something positive to someone. Make a difference in the lives of families and of twins. I want to leave something behind that will be useful to others before my time comes.

How has the loss of your sister influenced your relationship with fear of loss and grief?

My sister was the first person I’ve experienced a loss in my life and for it to be my twin sister has made a major impact in my life. This event shacked everything for me. I’ve lost the fear of death. I feel that somehow the soul doesn’t die because of the spiritual connection I feel with her.

Have you experimented with any other mediums?

I occasionally experiment with painting and sketching from time to time. I do see myself moving towards mixed media. Playing with painting and photo together.

How has your artwork evolved since the beginning of your career/ passion with art? What was it like before Emely’s death?

My passion has everything to do with her. My sister passed before my professional career started. I was actually starting my masters thesis right when she passed and I based my artwork on my sister since her passing was very recent. My grief went into my art.

– Scene Magazine