– Lili, K & 2 Bilingual | 📍Texas

 – Ashley, Kindergarten | 📍Florida

 – Pamela, ELA Middle Teacher | 📍Miami


 – Nashaira, ESL Online Teacher | 📍Texas

“This is a great addition to your classrooms. The book is very versatile to use, not only are you teaching about colors, but your teaching heritage, your teaching about a different culture, teaching about different types of foods. The book also has some of my heritage which is from Puerto Rico, we are very similar on our heritage and what we eat. It was just very nice to see the foods that I am so use to eating in a book and comparing it to colors. It’s just a great way to incorporate hispanic heritage to your classroom, especially for Hispanic Heritage Month.”

 – Nashaira, ESL Online Teacher | 📍Texas