The author mentions iconic traditional dishes from the Caribbean/ Dominican Republic like pastelitos, guava, piragua, flan, mofongo, habichuelas con dulce, chimichurri, sancocho, and morir soñando (just to name a few) and my mouth watered every time she did! These are the same dishes my mom, aunts, and grandma made for our family gatherings and for the holidays. 🤤😋

This book was perfect for Hispanic Heritage Month and Thanksgiving! My bilingual students (especially my Spanish speaking ones) identified with the words as well as so many of the foods and drinks that were mentioned. It’s a cultural AND cross-curricular book! It’s just amazing and I’m so happy that kids now have access to more books that they can identify with because representation matters. 🌎✨

– Elyana, Bilingual Teacher | 📍Georgia

We have had the privilege of adding this amazing book to our home library.

Authored and illustrated by @katherineemelygomez. The illustrations are so beautiful! There is so much to learn from this book! The most beautiful thing, in my opinion, is the representation of her Latina culture!

Go to her page to check out this up and coming author!

– Lili, K & 2 Bilingual | 📍Texas

I’m so excited to be sharing this book with you ! You might know it’s Hispanic heritage month. You might also know that I have Hispanic roots. I have been trying my best to teach my children about our families cultural roots. This book is absolutely perfect for doing just that.
Please check out @katherineemelygomez
She is the author and illustrator of this beautiful book. ⁣

 – Ashley, Kindergarten | 📍Florida

Author and Illustrator Katherine Emely Gomez has created a beautifully bright book filled with bilingual text and delicious chow that reveal the splendor of several native Dominican dishes and other tropical foods. This book helps kids to identify and make the important connection between food and color.

Not only will your kids enjoy this book, but you will too! If you’ve ever visited Dominican Republic, this book is sure to send you right back to that place where you had Mofongo or Mangu “con los tres golpes” for the first time.

Thank you Emely for sending me a copy of your book. It’s been a wonderful experience reading it to my son at bed time, and reminiscing on all these foods with my mom. This book isn’t just about food and colors, it’s about the culture ✊🏼

 – Pamela, ELA Middle Teacher | 📍Miami

“This is a great addition to your classrooms. The book is very versatile to use, not only are you teaching about colors, but your teaching heritage, your teaching about a different culture, teaching about different types of foods. The book also has some of my heritage which is from Puerto Rico, we are very similar on our heritage and what we eat. It was just very nice to see the foods that I am so use to eating in a book and comparing it to colors. It’s just a great way to incorporate hispanic heritage to your classroom, especially for Hispanic Heritage Month.”

 – Nashaira, ESL Online Teacher | 📍Texas