“Mixing Colors with Fruits and Tropical Dishes”

Three areas of learning for children: bilingual, colors & tropical dishes. In this educational picture book readers will dive into primary, secondary and tertiary colors in English & Spanish. All the while, enjoying popular dishes from the Caribbean and Latin America. A fun and exciting read for the entire family!  

Tres áreas de aprendizaje para niños: bilingüe, colores y platos tropicales. En este libro ilustrado y educativo, los lectores se sumergirán en los colores primarios, secundarios y terciarios en español e inglés. Pasaran su tiempo, disfrutando de platos populares de el Caribe y América Latina. ¡Una lectura divertida para toda la familia!

“Premium Book Bundle: Lesson Plans & Activities”

This includes:

  • Softcover Book of “Mixing Colors with Fruits and Tropical Dishes”
  • Katherine Emely Gomez’s Autographed Bookplate Inside Book
  • Three fun filled lesson plans and paint activities guides that can be used at home with kids/parents or at school with teachers/students that will enrich the readers exposure to art, language and culture.

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About the Author & Illustrator

Katherine Emely Gómez is an Artist known for her self-portraits, featuring symbolic dreamlike imaging using photography and oil painting. Gómez’s work has been selectively presented in gallery exhibitions, locally and across several states in the US including a Solo Show in New York City. She holds a Masters in Fine Arts from Lehman College- the City University of New York.

Her educational picture book “Mixing Colors with Fruits and Tropical Dishes” debut in 2020 for children and families to enjoy. As a Dominican American, food was a major factor in upbringing her family’s Dominicanism and iconic dishes at her center table: From breakfast plates like Mangu (Tres golpes) and Morir Soñando to dinner cuisines like Shrimp with Mofongo, Rice with Beans, Meat and Avocados.

A get together with friends would include grabbing a Chimichurri Burger or Pastelitos/Empanadas and to top it off a delicious dessert like Flan and Tres Leche or even Habichuela con Dulce during the holidays. Gómez loved creating each illustration as it brought back beautiful childhood memories with her identical twin sister. As kids, they would enjoy remaking each dish while hosting cousin’s sleepovers. As a Twinless Twin now, her memorable paintings & photographic Artwork have been broadcasted by several channels including NY1 Noticias, News12 and written by Hartford Courant, Scene Magazine, El Diario Newspaper and Harlem News Group. 

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