Kindred Spirit focuses on my personal life experiences inspired from a fictional imagined vantage point. For instance, making the invisible visible, and transcending time by playing with memories/images from my past and present to come to a conclusion about how my future will look.

With this special gift of forever having the image of my sister within my face, I am able to recreate new memories both with and without her and capture it on film. My artworks relate to intuitive thought, emptiness and cognitive awareness: the feeling that time has stopped, or of an alternate dream-like universe. My connection to Emely has enabled me to use photography as a portal through which I occasionally rekindle a moment in time with her and continue making new ones.

Office of the Mayor Certificate of Participation:

“Receiving the Office of the Mayor Certificate of Participation Standing together with Mayor Mike Spano 🙌 🎉 “



Showcased Exhibitions:

Maritime Garage Gallery, South Norwalk, CT + Blue Door Art Center, Yonkers, NY + Riverfront Art Gallery, Yonkers, NY + ArtSpace Gallery, Hartford, CT