My artworks relate to intuitive thought, emptiness and cognitive awareness: the feeling that time has stopped, or of an alternate dreamlike universe. “Paired Existence” series embodies a combination of expressionistic painting and photographic realism.

The paint stroke technique emits a connective movement derived from the unconscious while the self-portrait image-transfers emits a mirrored juxtaposition between the unknown and reality. The wood plank canvas is a symbol of strength and physical existence amongst nature. The vivid color waves are distortedly surrounding the portrait figures conveying an intertwined twinship energy between space and time. 

Showcased Exhibition:

The Monastery Gallery of Art, West Hartford, CT

Behind the Scenes:

“Behind the scenes of one of my “Paired Existence” artworks. I enjoy documenting my steps, this was right before letting the oils out to dry 🔥 🎨 📷”