Each digital photograph within Perpetual Binary series incorporates a realism of always having a spiritual companion. Although there are two forms within the self-portrait there are symbolic objects surrounded by one of the two, representing my late identical twin sister. Furthermore, the candles and rosary come from prayers with family. The soil and flowers symbolize Emely’s burial. The train platform above me represents trapped spaces during my daily communities.

While reinventing my identity was not something I had welcomed-I could not run from it. By exploring my inner self I have come to the conclusion that my other half is always with me. While this new self does not have a twin sister physically present, it is none-the-less as uniquely beautiful as it always was. I see her every day in my own face, and with this gift of being a twin, I am able to have others see her forever in my work with the use of my image. It is this idea that drives my passion as a creator.

Solo Show:

Chashama Gallery, Harlem, NY

Press: NY1 & Harlem News Group

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Colorado Show & Interview:

“Dreams” group exhibition at the Center for Fine Art in Photography – Fort Collins, Colorado

Selected Exhibitions:

Nails in the Wall Gallery at St. Luke’s, Metuchen, NJ + Novela Gallery, New York, NY + Lehman College Art Gallery, Bronx, NY